The mission at Intel Power Electric is simple: provide high-quality work that earns the trust of our customers.

Intel Power Electric was formed in 2005. Since the beginning, it’s been led by Navid Sadeghi, a graduate of BCIT. With over 15 years of experience, Navid and his team of certified electricians bring their services to individuals and big businesses.

Jobs, big and small, are welcome. Each service lists what we do. We understand the whole industry. It might be a new high-rise development or it could be an old house. They all require problem-solving, a job Intel takes on with passion and expertise.

The company has a $10,000 electrical bond; $2,000,000 liability insurance; and is covered by the WCB (Workman’s Compensation Board).

Intel Power Electric works everywhere in Greater Vancouver but has also travelled to the islands for larger projects.

Intel Power Electric can easily assess your job.

Call 604-618-0977 or email us for an appointment or a free quote.

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