Home Electrical Services

For homeowners planning for that upgrade or installation of a hot tub is a big expense. We understand that when you need help on your home, you want experts who do it right the first time.

Let our expert team help you with all electrical aspects for your next upgrade, installation or changes to your home’s wiring. Don’t take chances with friends and relatives who say they know how to rewire your home, get an expert in who will do it right. Our services include:

  • Installing all types of lighting
  • Relocating electrical panels
  • Wiring for pools and hot tubs
  • Planning, installing and wiring for landscaping
  • Kitchen and bath remodel wiring
  • Wiring for Air Conditioners
  • Low voltage wiring for telephones and computer data lines

Whatever your home needs, we can help. Give us your “Honey Do” list of electrical needs and let us make your next home project a snap. Call us today at 604-618-0977 and find out how easy it is with Intel Power Electric.


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